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Reusable Exposure Guide


We at Injectorall make the finest positive pre-sensitized copper laminated printed circuit boards. But they can only be the finest if you make the proper exposure, development, and etching.

This reusable exposure guide is to aid you in exposing your board properly.



Since the Positively Sensitized Circuit Board is light-sensitive, handling should be in subdued light conditions; a 40-watt bug light is fine. It is important that the board be kept out of sunlight.

The exposure time varies with various UV light sources.

The film positive is provided to aid in test exposures.

Using the Injectorall UV light (PC 557F), sandwich the film positive and circuit board (copper side) together within a contact frame. Expose to your UV light for 6 minutes from a distance of 6 inches.



The Injectorall Positive Developer (D3) is to be diluted. One part developer must be mixed with seven parts water, and must be heated between 68 and 72 F.

Place the exposed circuit board into a prepared (diluted ) developer solution and agitate for 2 minutes. Two minutes is best for it permits proper development without rushing.


WARNING: When handling these developed boards, you must WEAR CHEMICAL RESISTANT GLOVES and EYEWEAR. The developer is caustic and can cause burns. The developer should be used in glass or plastic trays.

Rinse the developed circuit board in cool water (not running water) and drain.



Etching time is the time in the etching solution that it takes to remove all of the unwanted copper (see instructions for Sodium Persulfate Etchant part number PC200).

Place developed circuit board in etchant and agitate until all unwanted copper is removed.


Caution: never use a metal tray, only glass or plastic. Severe burns can happen if aluminum is used.


Work Analysis

If the two arrow points barely touch, you have the right exposure. If the two points do not touch, the exposure is too long, decrease the time and try again. If the two points are filled in, the exposure is too short; you should increase the time and try again. The drill points may fill in.

The time taken to test the boards with the exposure guide will be rewarded with quality results.

Good luck and thank you for trying Injectorall Electronics.

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